Power Crutches
Wooden Crutches

Disability is still a taboo in our society, also in the world of design. People with disabilitiesare often forced to use objects that impact their well being by perpetuate and reinforce these harmful attitudes. As a result, a barrier arises between people with disabilities and that of those without. The aim of this project was to create an elegant object that instills confidence. In today’s world, wood is an unusual material to use in this form. Apart from the inherent aesthetic qualities and strength of the material, wood surprisingly made the object lighter in weight as well. The crutches are fully customizable accordingto body size and proportions. The wood is measured and cut to ensure it fits and functions properly for each individual. The project was preceded by a very thorough research phase including a ergonomic study.

now in based in Switzerland, but I love to travel, 2018